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Financial Foundations, Inc.


Firm History:

Herbert T. Meushaw, III (“Herb”) started Financial Foundations, Inc. in 1996 with nearly ten years in the financial services industry. He and his former partner began the firm with a focus on helping retirees and pre-retirees achieve their retirement goals. Their emphasis on the financial planning process was unique at the time as many firms still had not made the shift to such a comprehensive process. The firm grew its client base by conducting financial planning seminars to both public and private audiences.

In 1998, Herb’s son Eric entered the firm working nights and summers while in high school. The practice grew over the years and in 2002 Herb became the sole owner. Meanwhile, Eric was studying and testing for various insurance and securities registrations. Herb continued to conduct seminars on retirement planning and Eric assisted as he could while attending the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 2004 and started working with his own clients using the same approach as Herb.

As the years passed, Herb and Eric worked more closely together to better leverage each other’s individual talents. In 2012, they combined their clients to provide a higher level of service. With this approach, all clients would now be able to communicate with two advisors. It was at this juncture that Christine Burrhus began to solidify herself as an invaluable team member. Her drive, organization, and devotion to client needs quickly revealed that she would be a key member of the firm. As Christine’s knowledge base grew, her responsibilities escalated. Today she is the firm’s Vice President and oversees many of the business operations and future initiatives.

Early 2017 Herb and Eric explored the next phase of transition planning. As had always been the case, the primary focus was determining what would be best for clients. Today Herb is a consultant for the firm and continues to act as a mentor to those he maintains relationships with in the industry. Eric is the sole owner and financial planner and has been a member of the firm for over 20 years. He and Christine work closely with each other and oversee a strong support team. Just as Herb and Eric have done for nearly a decade, they continue to leverage each other’s skill sets to advance the future of Financial Foundations, Inc.