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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Our primary objective we strive to accomplish for those who enter our office is to provide financial peace of mind. It is not an undertaking we take lightly and must be a personal motivation for anyone who is a part of our firm. This may not be unique to our firm as many advisors have a similar focus. However, instead of trying to be all things to all people, our goal is to be all things to select individuals. We recognize the limitations of resources, including time, and want to be in a position to deliver on expectations. Therefore, whoever becomes a client can trust that our client commitment is that we will not allow our firm to be stretched too thin to serve our clients and strive to always act with the utmost integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability, and with their best interests in mind.

Our Client Criteria:

We use specific criteria to assess if it makes sense to engage in a client relationship. This not only ensures we have a group of clients we enjoy working with and can help, but also lets clients know we do not just accept anyone.  Our goal is to maintain a high level of service and commitment so we can be everything to select individuals, not everything to everyone.

Client Criteria Test:

    1. Chemistry TestDo we like each other?  We love what we do and want to have clients we enjoy working with. Therefore, we only want to foster relationships with those who are enjoyable to work with.
    2. Goal TestAre your goals attainable? We have every intention of working with you to lay the groundwork and implement strategies to help you achieve financial peace of mind. However, we will not work with people who are not realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished.
    3. Value Test - Can we add value? Our belief is that the number of quality planners in the industry are too few. If you are currently working with someone who is providing you with quality service, we will treat our meeting as a second opinion if preferred. We want to add value, not take clients away from a quality advisor.