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Our Process

Client Experience:

Whether it is your first meeting, or you have been working with us for decades, our disciplined approach for client appointments allows us to deliver high level of service. Below is an overview of our process which is tailored to each person, couple, or team to address their wealth needs.

Our initial complimentary consultation is a two-way interview that allows all parties to gauge the potential for a future partnership. We take this opportunity to define what it means to be a client, our client criteria, selection process, and our supporting role as your financial advisor.  We discuss and evaluate your needs and review, “What brought you here today?” Everyone has different circumstances that motivate them to walk through our doors the first time.

Once we input the information collected during the initial meeting, our team begins the process of “Gap Analysis”. Since each plan is different due to the unique needs of each individual or couple, there are many levels of scrutiny. In short, the goal is to identify what could prevent clients from achieving their financial goals so that proper countermeasures can be made. Some of the most common issues that can challenge future financial success are improper asset allocation, inefficient tax planning, and rising medical costs. When the plan is completed, our team will schedule the next meeting to review the findings and confirm its accuracy before delivering the final version.

Depending on the findings revealed during the “Gap Analysis” process, there are some circumstances in which our firm may be able to add value to overcome the exposed obstacles. The benefit of being an independent financial advisor is revealed during this step in full measure. Instead of being influenced to promote specific investments, as other financial institutions may be inclined to do, we identify and implement appropriate solution(s) across a wide array of options. With the variety of investment options available for clients, there are different ways in which compensation is derived. If it makes sense to implement our recommendations, we will then review the compensation details.

Prior to officially engaging in a planner-client relationship, it is imperative that there is a mutual understanding that reviews will take place at least annually. During the annual review the financial plan is updated with new information, changes in financial circumstances, beneficiaries are reviewed, and investment performance is analyzed. Since a lot can happen in a year, we encourage our clients to provide us with updates via the in-person meeting, email, or phone call. Our commitment as a fiduciary is to always put our clients’ needs ahead of our own. Therefore, it is critical to our mutual success that clients communicate financial changes as they occur.