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Investment Committee

Obtaining more expertise than a single advisor can provide is a pre-requisite for you before entrusting the stewardship of your wealth to another. You expect for the actions taken in managing your assets to be the consensus of well-reasoned ideas formulated from professionals with divergent sets of specialization. Consequently, your portfolio is managed by us through an investment committee consisting of professionals who are distinctly credentialed across multiple professional disciplines.

Our committee is lead by the firm’s owner, Eric C. Meushaw. He sets the tone for the overall investment activities to be conducted, according to each client’s personalized needs. Then, the committee considers the best manner in which to execute and monitor the specific strategies and tactics devised to meet your wealth management objectives.

Knowing that no single individual or firm possesses supreme expertise in every possible financial area, we go beyond our firm to collaborate strategically on your behalf with outside industry specialists. The centerpiece of our collaborative efforts and resulting success of our clients’ experience lies in the direct advisory relationship we have with Vineyard Global Advisors, LLC.

Vineyard Global Advisors, LLC partners with us to develop intelligently personalized asset management solutions. Click here for more information regarding Vineyard Global Advisors, LLC.